Event and Monthly Parking

Find out more about parking at Finley Stadium

Permit/ Event Parking

All lots on the Finley Stadium / First Horizon Pavilion campus are private and pay-only;  no free parking is available anytime. Regular rates are $1.00 per hour till 4pm and $2.00 per hour after 4pm. Special event parking pricing will vary depending on the event. 

There are three convenient ways to pay for parking at Finley Stadium: 

  1. Parkmobile App: Once you have downloaded the ParkMobile App it’ll ask you for the Parking Zone #. Finley’s Parking Zones are 6510 for North GOLD Lot, 6511 for VIP BLUE Lot, and 6512 for Pavilion GREEN Lot or you can call 877-727-5015
  2. Text-to-Park Number: Text 'PARK24' for North GOLD Lot, 'PARK25' for Pavilion GREEN Lot, or ‘PARK26’ for VIP BLUE Lot to 25023.
  3. Pay at one of the Kiosks located in our lots. Kiosks do accept credit cards. 

To dispute a parking citation please contact BrightBase Parking: https://www.brightbasemanagement.com/contact

Monthly Parking

Are you a business in the surrounding area that is interested in using our lot? We offer monthly parking passes for reasonable rates.

Our lot options include:

Gold Lot (North)

  • Capacity: 600 vehicles
  • Entry: Main street, turn South on Chestnut or Reggie White Blvd
  • Permit Parking allowed 
  • Overnight parking by special permit only 

Blue Lot (VIP/South)

  • Capacity: 300 vehicles
  • No permit parking allowed
  • No overnight parking allowed 

Green Lot (Pavilion/East) 

  • Capacity: 280 vehicles
  • No permit parking allowed
  • No overnight parking allowed 
  • Coming Soon: EV Electric Charging Stations

Click here to purchase a monthly parking permit:

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

EV drivers can now charge their cars while visiting the First Horizon Pavilion and Dog Park with the opening of a new Electrify America charging station featuring six hyper-fast chargers – capable of speeds up to 350 kW. Customers can conveniently pay by credit or debit card at the charger or via the Electrify America’s mobile app. The mobile app also allows users to locate a charger, find pricing, initiate a charge and check charging progress, allowing customers to enjoy the activities at the pavilion, dog park and Finley Stadium while their vehicle charges.

Chargers may be inaccessible during UTC Football games and other major events. 

2022 update campus map

Gold Lot

Gold Lot

Green Lot

Green Lot

Blue VIP Lot