General Information

All lots on the Finley Stadium / First Tennessee Pavilion campus are private and pay-only;  no free parking is available anytime.

The red zones are frequent road closures; it is both unsafe and illegal to drive through a road closure, and you will receive a ticket!

Special event parking pricing will vary depending on the event.   Kiosks do accept credit cards, and ParkMobile is also accepted via your mobile phone account.

Common Questions

Where do I find my towed vehicle?2017-07-20T13:58:12-04:00

Contact R&D Wrecker Service at 423.842.3535 for fees and retrieval details.

How do I pay for parking?2018-04-04T14:50:41-04:00

During special events, uniformed attendants will greet you as you enter the campus and collect your parking fees.  Only cash is accepted; we do not currently have the ability to accept credit cards for parking.

For all other times, a Republic Parking kiosk is located in each lot which accepts credit cards;  all lots are also configured to accept ParkMobile phone payments.

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